About Mini Miracles

Mini miracle child development center is established by a Qualified and Licensed rehabilitation Psychologist, and we provide the best psychological services such as assessments, evidence-based psychotherapies and counselling services, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and special education. Our aim is to provide quality mental health, child development services

Mini miracles believe in “Everyone deserves a good and happy life” and we here strive our best for our children to live an efficient and independent life in society and our goals are to make them confident individuals as well as feel good about themselves in addition to create a safe and positive space for both children and their parents. Our team comprises of trained professional therapists.

Our Core Values

Professional growth
Positive learning
Quality employees

Meet Our Team



MPhil (Rehabilitation psychology)
M.sc (counselling psychology)
Founder & Rehabilitation Psychologist
Ms. Botta. Ramya is a licensed rehabilitation Psychologist from RCI, India. She has done her MPHIL from National institute for the empowerment of persons with intellectual disabilities (NIEPID). Her areas of interest include Cognitive Rehabilitation and Behaviour Therapy. She is well versed in counselling, psycho evaluation, and psychotherapy of various conditions related to child, adolescent and adults. Her aim is to provide quality mental health, child development services

Our Trained Professional Therapists team comprises of :

-> Rehabilitation Psychologist
-> Clinical Psychologist
-> Counsellors
-> Occupational Therapist
-> Speech and Language Pathologist
-> Special Educators
-> Early Interventionist