Child Development Center
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Welcome to Mini Miracles

“Everyone deserves a good and happy life”

Mini miracles believe in “Everyone deserves a good and happy life” and we here strive our best for our children to live an efficient and independent life in society and our goals are to make them confident individuals as well as feel good about themselves in addition to create a safe and positive space for both children and their parents. Our team comprises of trained professional therapists.

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Why Choose Us

-> Excellence
-> Respect
-> Trust
-> Partnerships
-> Teamwork
-> Professional growth
-> Safety
-> Positive learning
-> Quality employees

Our Services

- Early Intervention
- Behaviour modification (BT)
-Applied behavior analysis (ABA therapy)
- Occupational therapy (OT)
- Speech therapy
- Special education
- Social skill training
- Sexual abuse prevention
- Brain gym exercises
- Art therapy
- Play therapy
- Cognitive retraining
- Psychological assessments
- Family Counselling
- Parental counselling
- Marital counselling
- Cognitive behavior therapy (CBT)
Target Group
  • Autism spectrum Disorder
  • ODD
  • Intellectual disability
  • Learning disorders
  • Slow learners
  • Childhood Development Delay
  • Other Developmental disorder
  • Adolescent behavior problems
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Stress