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Antecedent-based Interventions(ABI)

It is an evidence-based practice used to address both interfering and on-task behaviours. The goal of ABI is to identify factors that are reinforcing the interfering behaviour and then modify the environment or activity so that the factor no longer elicits the interfering behaviour. Common ABI procedures include

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  • using highly preferred activities/items to increase interest level,
  • changing the schedule/routine,
  • implementing pre-activity interventions (e.g., providing a warning about the next activity, providing information about schedule changes),
  • offering choices,
  • altering the manner in which instruction is provided, and
  • enriching the environment so that learners with ASD have access to sensory stimuli that serve the same function as the interfering behaviour (e.g., clay to play with during class, toys/objects that require motor manipulation).